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  • China Coal Industry And Mining Group. Supplier from …

    China Coal Industry And Mining Group. Supplier from …

    China coal 0001 TPJ-2.5 TPJ-2.5 Rubber Paver Machine for Running Way/ runway In Proper Price and Reasonable Quality Introduction of TPJ-2.5 rubber paver machine is a technology with higher levels or plastic track laying machine. It employs advanced ...

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  • 308_


    \Q17F-16H\DN32\QB1109 \Q11F-16T\DN25\GB/T12237 \A=46,B=27;M\ \LZS:PT17024 ZF\ZF-8(40Mpa)\ \WBEX-QT450\DN450

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  • Katalogy - Czech Republic

    Katalogy - Czech Republic

    Pipelife Czech s.r.o. Společnost Pipelife Czech s.r.o. je významným výrobcem a největším prodejcem plastových potrubních systémů v České republice. Nabízí nejširší výrobní sortiment potrubí a dalších komponent pro in-house i pro inženýrské sítě z PVC, PE a ...

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  • ZIEHL PT100TR600;ZIEHL TR600__ …

    ZIEHL PT100TR600;ZIEHL TR600__ …

    rexroth Operator PC SR OPEN END|BOE-24 B800 B0E 024 TDE Macno OPDE B-12A E01162 TT electronics OPB763N KEYENCE OP-76874 FLAMA OP6D20SXF20R FLAMA OP6A40SXF20R FIAMA OP6-A-40-SX-F20-R abb OP1-10B-11 SMW Only want

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  • FLOJET 2100-591__ - Jdzj.Com

    FLOJET 2100-591__ - Jdzj.Com

    ROSE Systemtechnik gh PIPE/100942170 Staubli Pipe joints _ Order nuer: B23586468 Staubli Pipe joints _ Order nuer: B23586459 RIDGID Pipe Cutter : TYP. 35S PALETTI PINION|Pos.03 POMINI PINION 425-080-155-01 MULTI-CONTACT

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  • 21_


    : FM 142U3D305BACAA165240 SERVOMOTORE BRUSHLESS UNIMOTOR SERIE FM 22510 PART Barfield Inspector Gauge 0-100 PSI for 2311FA - …

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  • Bray International, Inc.

    Bray International, Inc.

    Discover Bray’s full line of flow control solutions: Resilient, Double, & Triple Offset Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Knife Gate & Check Valves, Control Valves & Actuators Reliable Solutions for the Power Industry Bray has been providing reliable valves and actuators for

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  • SHURJOINT-HDPE Irrigation pipe

    SHURJOINT-HDPE Irrigation pipe

    8.2 HDPE Pipe: HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipe shall conform to ASTM D2447, D3035 or F714 or shall conform to ISO 161/1, AS 1159 and DIN 8074, with wall thickness from SDR 32.5 to 7.3. The Shurjoint HDPE couplings shall not be used for PVC or other plastic pipe.

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  • INOR Transmitter GH  MINIPAQ-__ …

    INOR Transmitter GH MINIPAQ-__ …

    AKATERM HDPE DN200 AKATERM HDPE DN315 NORGREN BUSCHJOST 8251800.9101.G1/8 NORGREN BUSCHJOST 8251180.9151 G3/8 SIEBER S302-08/25/0R-100/0A-KO 8,DP,GSD

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  • Butterfly Valves: Resilient, High Performance, Triple …

    Butterfly Valves: Resilient, High Performance, Triple …

    Manual & automated Resilient Seated, High Performance & Triple Offset butterfly valves engineered for reliability and backed by over 30 years of proven performance.

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