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PVC Fittings
PUHUI is a professional manufacturer of PVC pipes and fittings, which is made of high quality PVC raw material, high quality to be warranted with 70-100 years. The most competitive wholesale prices, stock available for regular sizes, prompt delivery avai
1. Size: DN20mm - 1000mm.
2. Pressure Rating: 4 bar, 6 bar, 9 bar, 12 bar, 16 bar, 20 bar and 25 bar.
3. Raw Material: High quality PVC raw material.
4. Supply Capacity: 3 x 40ft Container Per Week.
5. Certification: ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, CE, BS EN 12001


PUHUI is a professional supplier of PVC pipes and fittings, which are widely used in water supply, chemical industry, water treatment, petroleum, environmental protection, pharmaceutical and other fields.

PUHUI can supply various sizes PVC fittings from DN20mm to DN1000mm. PVC fittings include: coupling, reducer, equal tee, reducing tee, elbow 45 degree, elbow 90 degree, stub end, flange, ball valve, end cap and so on.

PUHUI extensive range of fabricated fittings includes:

1. PVC Pipes. Pressure rating: 4-25 bar, with size from DN20mm-1000mm

2. PVC fittings. Pressure rating:4-25 bar, with size from DN20mm-1000mm



Product name

PVC Fittings

Sizes available


SDR rating

4 bar, 6 bar, 9 bar, 12 bar, 16 bar, 20 bar and 25 bar


Top quality virgin PVC raw material

Colors available

Black or blue, or as per request

Standards follow to

SO4427/ AS/ NZS 4130/ BS EN 12201/ SABS Standards

Samples available


PUHUI PipelinePUHUI Pipeline


  • Non-toxic, hygienic: PVC pipe fittings are non-toxic and odorless. After strict health monitoring, they are green building materials and never scale, which can effectively improve water quality.
  • Corrosion resistance: PVC is an inert material that is resistant to various chemical media.
  • Excellent flexibility and scratch resistance.
  • Good wear resistance, low wall friction coefficient, small flow resistance, strong conveying capacity.
  • Very convenient construction and installation.
  • Low system cost and reduced maintenance costs can greatly reduce project costs.
  • Long service life: The buried PVC pipe fittings are used normally for more than 70 years.
  • PVC accessories can be reused, fully in line with the advocacy of efficient environmental protection.

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