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PUHUI is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of HDPE and PVC pipeline systems in China. PUHUI pipeline and fittings systems are widely used in water supply, sewage treatment and wastewater, rainwater and drainage, mining, industry, rural areas, irrigation, electrical, telecommunications and natural gas fields. We have two production bases in China and have established a comprehensive network of warehousing and distribution facilities nationwide to facilitate the effective distribution of our own products and timely delivery to our domestic and international partners.

PUHUI has rich logistics experience in major projects and a good record in project delivery. PUHUI is famous for its efforts in technological progress and product innovation. The quality of factory products is stable and production level is at the leading level in China. So far, the company has established business relations with Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions with a number of retailers and agents to establish long-term stable cooperative relations, by the industry and customers alike.

PUHUI products lists

HDPE pipe products include:

HDPE pipe: dn16-1600mm HDPE pipe, used in water, natural gas, petroleum (chemical liquids) and dredging and other fields.
Butt welding fittings HDPE fittings: dn63-1600mm
Electric melting parts: dn20-630mm
PP compression accessories:dn20-110mm
HDPE pipe welding machine: HDPE pipe butt welding machine, suitable for dn63-800mm, HDPE pipe electric fusion welding machine suitable for dn20-315mm
PVC pipe:dn16-1600 pipe is used in water, natural gas, petroleum (chemical liquid) and dredging.
PVC accessories: dn20-1000

Strategic cooperation

Since its establishment, the company has established strategic cooperative relations with domestic regional distributors to provide high-quality products for agents and end-users at home and abroad; a large amount of inventory can help you to deliver fast, high-quality and highly competitive products.

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